Cigar Chíc is a Cigar Smokers' Club which is located in the South Florida Area. We are a community of professionals, enthusiast and novice individuals with a passion for fine cigars and the exciting lifestyle associated with the cigar culture.


Cigar Chíc was created for the mature & sexy woman or man that enjoys cigar smoking. Chíc, as in Classy, Elegant, or Stylish...not to be confused with chick. Cigar Smoking has certainly become more popular in the past few years, especially in the South Florida area. As any cigar connoisseur would know, Smoking Cigars is a lifestyle pleasure.



Mrs. Cherise "Booker" Youngblood

Mrs. Cherise “Booker” Youngblood is the owner of Cigar Chíc, LLC, specializing in cigar apparel, cigar accessories and promoting and hosting events specifically for those that are a part of or wish to be a part of the cigar community in South Florida.

Ms. Booker is an avid Cigar Enthusiast best known to the Cigar community as “Ms. Zino”. Her Cigar love story began during her younger years watching her grandfather smoke cigars. She loved the smell of his cigars; which he would pair with a hot cup of coffee in the mornings. And, anyone who knows her - knows that cigars and coffee are two of her favorite things.

In 2004, she was re-introduced to cigars by her co-worker and the first cigar she smoked was the Zino Platinum Crown Series by Davidoff, which is still her all-time favorite. After years of smoking Cigars, she continues to expand her palate by trying an array of cigars and educating herself by learning more about different brands, awesome pairing options and many other components to cigar smoking. Ms. Booker, especially enjoys the culture, the lifestyle and she is especially proud of the recognition that women are receiving in the industry.

Favorite Cigar: Zino’s by Davidoff 

However, I smoke across the board –Medium to Full Bodied. Some of my “Go-To’s” are Laranja by Espinosa, Syncro by AVO, and Most Drew Estate brands.


Coffee (Plain ole Dunkin Donuts)

Cognac (Remy 1738)

Wine (La Crema Pinot Noir)

drink palm trees.jpg

The cigar...

is something that commands respect.

It is made for all the senses and all the pleasures;

the nose, the palate, the fingers, the eyes...

A good cigar contains promise of a totally pleasurable experience

- Zino Davidoff


Phone: (954) 440-8792

Email: info@cigarchicllc.com

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